awarded NSF grant to study reputation and social roles on social media

A multidisciplinary team of Purdue researchers has been awarded a National Science Foundation grant to investigate how social media, especially Wikipedia articles and editors, shape public knowledge. The project "KredibleNet” aims to build a research community and to propose a research agenda for the study of reputation and authority in informal knowledge markets, such as Wikipedia. The team is lead by Sorin Adam Matei (PI) of Brian Lamb School of Communication, Elisa Bertino (Cyber Center), Michael Zhu and Chuanhuai Liu (Department of Statistics) , and Luo Si (Department of Computer Science).

The KredibleNet grant will fund research and workshops that will reveal how social media leaders gain authority to shape public knowledge. The project will explore a series of large social media datasets, including one that includes over 250 million editorial changes made to all 7 million Wikipedia articles created between 2001 and 2010. Read More

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Institutional Support

The KredibleNet project is the product of a multidisciplinary team, including faculties from Purdue Brian Lamb School of Communication, Cyber Center, Department of Computer Science and Department of Statistics.

The Center is an effort to bring to bear the explosion of information technology-related discoveries and apply them in a focused manner to the discovery and learning processes.

In addition, the Cyber Center provides a venue for all IT-related research, hardware, software, and staffing to come together in a single venue allowing new discoveries that can have immediate impact on discovery, learning, and engagement.

Brain Lamb School of Communication is part of Purdue University's College of Liberal Arts and consists of six interdependent units that focus on a broad array of human communication, encompassing health, interpersonal, and organizational communication, media, technology and society, public affairs/issue management and rhetorical studies. Its outstanding undergraduate program is the largest of the eleven departments and schools in the College of Liberal Arts. The graduate programs are ranked among the very best in the country.

The Cyber Center accelerates scientific discovery with large computational resources. It leads to new avenues of research both in IT and in disciplines that have not yet realized the full potential for cyber infrastructure supported research.

The Center institutionalizes an integrated cyber infrastructure that benefits basic research across the campus. The co-location and shared research objectives are powerful drivers in the development new technology, new discoveries, and new businesses. This facilitates start-up businesses, new jobs, and economic development for the State of Indiana.


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