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Introducing Digital Sociology

In her article, Deborah Lupton discusses the intersection of Sociology and digital tools. She discusses the use of digital tools for dissemination and discussion of research, as a source of sociological data, and as a phenomena whose use should be

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Coordination and Learning in Wikipedia: Revisiting the Dynamics of Exploitation and Exploration

In a recent article, Aaltonen and Kallinikos examine the increasingly prominent role of rules and guidelines in the Wikipedia project. They follow Yochai Benkler in claiming a unique position that commons-based peer production projects occupy.  They explore how the attributes

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NodeXL – Network Tools for the “Non-Algorithmic”

In his presentation at the KredibleNet Workshop at Purdue, Marc Smith describes the aims of NodeXL, which is an Excel plugin designed to make network exploration and analysis simpler for those without a programming background. He believes that by giving

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Infrastructure for Supporting Computational Social Science

In his presentation at the KredibleNet workshop at Purdue, Dr. Derek Hansen of Brigham Young University discusses the current state of data storage and analysis tools for social scientists. He describes a disjointed set of tools and methods, with a

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