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Supporting Group Collaboration in Wiki by Increasing the Awareness of Task Conflict

In a research paper published by Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Kewen Wu, Julita Vassileva, Qinghua Zhu, Hui Fang, and Xiaojie Tan claim that typical wikis intentionally hide content authorship information, which can make task conflict invisible, leading to inefficient conflict management

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Credibility of Anonymous Online Product Reviews: A Language Expectancy Perspective

This summer, Matthew L. Jensen , Joshua M. Averbeck , Zhu Zhang , and Kevin B. Wright have published an article  in Journal of Management Information Systems about how potential buyers assess the credibility of anonymous reviewers. Credibility defined in term of reviews from anonymous users.  Three

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Reputation, Trust and Authority Workshop at Stanford University

We are very excited to officially announce our second workshop, to be held at the Stanford University Institute for Research in the Social Sciences. The event is co-sponsored by the Purdue University Discovery Park CyberCenter (PI: Sorin Adam Matei, CoPIs:

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SuperedgeRank algorithm and its application in identifying opinion leader of online public opinion supernetwork

In a new paper, Ning Ma and Yijun Liu propose the idea of a SuperedgeRank, for identifying opinion leaders. They provide a framework for using digital trace data for creating a “supernetwork” from 4 subnetworks: 1. A social subnetwork, based

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