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Upcoming Lecture – Jana Diesner – Computational Impact Assessment of Documentaries and Media

We are very excited to announce that Dr. Jana Diesner, Assistant Professor at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, will be our next speaker in our computational social science lecture series. Dr. Diesner will be presenting her work in combining text mining

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Understanding the Few that Matter

In a paper presented at the 2014 Winter Conference on Business Intelligence in Snowbird, Utah, Grigore et al. discuss their research into “Wikipedia janitors”. These are editors who are involved in WikiProjects, and who “act as catalysts in the development of high

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Structure and Evolution of Online Social Networks

In this 2010 article, Kumar, Novak, and Tomkins examine the evolution of large online networks. The researchers look at longitudinal friendship networks on Flickr and Yahoo! 360, and examine how they change over time. Instead of taking snapshots of the

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Discussion Questions: Filtering

Filtering How might I build tools to automatically/augmentatively filter and curate my social media environments?  I find it very difficult to get good signal/noise ratio. How much information is too much information? How can data be used to provide more

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Discussion Questions: Authority

Authority What does authority look like in social media? Does long term integrity on social media pay off (w.r.t. authority)? What are the fastest and most effective ways that I might build my authority, influence and trustworthiness online?

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Discussion Questions: Bots

Bots How can we grant applications authority without compromising system security? What strategies can be used to identify ‘ideological bots’ – those spreading misinformation for political & profit purposes? Can social bots, e.g. on Twitter, be trustworthy and authoritative?

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Discussion Questions: Linking Online and Offline

Linking online and offline Who holds communities / networks accountable for their actions? How does credibility on social media benefit individuals in offline spaces? To what extent do findings from social media contexts apply offline? How can we assess the

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Discussion Question: Privacy

Privacy How does privacy relate to the social role one plays in social media? How much info does the NSA have on us?

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Discussion Questions: Reputation

Reputation How or when is it possible to disaffirm a bad reputation? Can anonymity be preserved in online reputation systems?

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Discussion Questions: Research Suggestions

Research suggestions How do “trust”, “reputation”, and “authority” differ in various cultures? Are there conceptual and operational definitions shared between disciplines? Are these definitions “future proof”? What are the privacy issues surrounding trust/authority research? What is the best way to

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