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Statistical Discourse Analysis – A methodology for identifying group dynamics

Ming Ming Chiu - Statistical Discourse Analysis

How can we model the impact of group interactions on group outcomes? Consider a classroom context. Students interact with each other and with the teacher. What model of conversation sequencing is more likely to lead to learning? How can turns of

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Social Physics and Big Data: What is the difference?

If the latest trendy phrase in cybersphere, Social Physics, should refer to anything, that should be an emergent social scientific approach to characterizing social systems as if they were particle aggregates, each component unit moving according to laws dictated by

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Understanding the Few that Matter

In a paper presented at the 2014 Winter Conference on Business Intelligence in Snowbird, Utah, Grigore et al. discuss their research into “Wikipedia janitors”. These are editors who are involved in WikiProjects, and who “act as catalysts in the development of high

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Howard Welser on overcoming the iron law of oligarchy

Purdue University, University Hall

Presentation organized for the CyberCenter / Brian Lamb School of Communication Talk Series, February 19, 2014, Purdue University, West Lafayette More than one hundred years ago, Robert Michels (1911) observed that even organizations based on the strongest democratic principles tend

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Towards an information systems perspective and research agenda on crowdsourcing for innovation

These days, firms are demanded to have open innovation criteria in order to compete in markets, which has increased the use of crowdsourcing. One way to accomplish this is through information systems (IS). Sadly, many management research has taken this

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Online Etiquette in the Digital Age

A journal article in American Medical Writers Association (AMWA , pg. 36) talks about how our society has changed because of social media. People go online on social media to comomunicate, to be heard, and to hear ideas from others. However,

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Role of social media in online travel information search

Not only used for communication, social media has become an information source for travelers. In this research paper, a study to investigate which social media appears most in search engine result for travel-related searches. Simulation was done in this research

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The Psychodynamics of Social Networking: Connected-up Instantaneous Culture and the Self (Google eBook)

According to this book on social networking, psycho-dynamics looks at how social networking help us create, build, and maintain relationships. The book uses psychoanalytic theory to investigate how social networking has influenced our life and society, how it impacts interpersonal relationships,

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New research on semantic networks of authorship and authorial behavior

  An interesting paper on social network of interaction in raw texts… Luo Si might be intrigued by this… This paper introduces the concept of semantic organizing processes as a means of inferring theoretically meaningful behavior from the observation of

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How the American Red Cross Uses Social Media to Build Relationships

In Public Relation Review vol 37, this article discuss how social media can be used to reach younger constituents, the media, and the community. The American Red Cross stated that practicing public relations is a must to keep up in a digital age.

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