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KredibleNet Workshop, November 2013 (via Marc Smith)

In our recent workshop at Stanford, participants were asked to anonymously provide three questions that they thought should drive the research and conversation about reputation and trust in online spaces.

We combined similar questions, and grouped the remaining questions into a few different categories. Each category is on a different page, and we hope that the comments section of each page can act as a discussion space for examining these questions.



Connection between online and offline




Research suggestions

System design


One comment on “Discussion Questions
  1. 1. Is there a strong correlation between trust and authority in real-world space and cyber space? And when there isn’t, what does it mean about the person? How often does this happen in the academic world? (Well-known examples in everyday life are: cyber stalkers, child molesters, etc., who may seem like ordinary, distinguished citizens).

    2. Cultural differences in attitudes regarding privacy, trust, etiquette in cyberspace have be documented in the literature. These attitudes evolve over time. Is there a way to track the evolution too see whether certain countries/cultural groups strongly influence each other during the evolutionary process, and which groups do not? Can the spread of these changes be modeled using infectious models for diseases? or do we need to develop a completely new model?

    3. Do women and men have different perceptions regarding trust and authority in cyberspace? Does this impact the professional advancement of women?

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