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Big Data Security, Privacy, and Transparency. A special presentation at Purdue University by Dr. Elisa Bertino

Privacy and Security Online

TUESDAY MARCH 28, SPECIAL PRESENTATION ON SECURITY AND PRIVACY BY DR. ELISA BERTINO WTHR 160, Purdue University, 12 – 1:15 PM Seats are limited, please reserve a free ticket today. Please read dr. Bertino’s paper in advance of her presentation.

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Data Ethics Workshop at Purdue University

The university-wide workshop on “Ethical Reasoning in Big Data” will take place on MARCH 28, between 8:30 am – 11:30 aM in BRNG B247 (B is for Basement). The workshop is organized as part of the activities funded by the

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Anticipating Ethical Issues in Big Data: Jeff Collmann at Purdue University

#181391617 / “Big Data” means many things to many people. We invited Dr. Jeff Collman, an expert in ethical production and use of “big data” and organizational use of data, to talk at Purdue University on November 17 2015

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Social Physics and Big Data: What is the difference?

If the latest trendy phrase in cybersphere, Social Physics, should refer to anything, that should be an emergent social scientific approach to characterizing social systems as if they were particle aggregates, each component unit moving according to laws dictated by

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