The Privacy Challenges and Ethical Dimensions of Big Data Research – Lee Rainie, Director of research for Technology at the Pew Research Center

On April 4, 2016, at 10:30 in LWSN 1142 Lee Rainie, the Director of Research for Technology and Internet at the Pew Research Center, will give a talk about the Privacy challenges and ethical dimensions of Big Data Research. The talk will reflect the results of several years of public opinion surveys that captured the manner in which the American public thinks about data collection from social media and Internet applications.

More specific questions include: What does the American public think about privacy in the post-Snowden environment? How do these concerns apply to considerations of how researchers think about using big data? How could the Pew Research Center findings shape the ethics of using and disseminating big data projects?

Speaker bio

Lee Rainie is the director of internet, science and technology research at Pew Research Center. Under his leadership, the Center has conducted more than 500  surveys that examine people’s online activities and the internet’s role in their lives. Rainie is a co-author of Networked: The new social operating system and five books about the future of the internet that are drawn from the Center’s research. Prior to launching Pew Research Center’s technology research, Rainie was managing editor of U.S. News & World Report. He is a graduate of Harvard University and has a master’s degree in political science from Long Island University.

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